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We had the pleasure of interacting with over 900 applicants and grantees at last week’s NIH Regional Seminar on Program Funding and Grants Administration in Washington, DC. A recurring theme in many presentations was the importance of reaching out to NIH staff throughout the grant application and award process.

Most folks know to call the eRA Service Desk when they run into issues with ASSIST or eRA Commons. But, do you know where to go for other support? The best people to talk with about the scientific or administrative information in your particular application or award are in the NIH institute or center that may fund the grant. Our resource on Contacting Staff at the NIH institutes and Centers will help you understand the roles of NIH program officials, scientific review officers, and grants management officials, when to contact them, and where to find their contact information.


  1. Good afternoon. I am working with someone to write a grant proposal and neither of us is fluent in the craft. Is there an NIH guide that we can follow? She is a medical professional and I am a writer. I believe that between us, we should be able to put together something. I have looked at instructions online and on YouTube but I believe my best instructions would come from the granting source. Can you help?

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