2014 By the Numbers

Application and award summary data for fiscal year 2014 are now available in the NIH Data Book. These data are of particular interest for all of us this year, considering the historic low of the success rate last year, and the reduction of NIH’s budget in fiscal year 2013, due to sequestration. For this reason, in the table below, we include both FY2013 and FY 2012 data for comparison purposes. …. Continue reading

FY2013 By The Numbers: Research Applications, Funding, and Awards

I’m pleased to announce that the NIH Data Book has been updated with statistics of fiscal year 2013 grant funding. There is much to look at throughout the Data Book so I encourage each of you to do so, but let me just highlight some notable trends. Application success rates, as I blogged about in December, declined in 2013 to a historic low. …. Continue reading

Revisiting the Relationship Between Paylines and Success Rates

As a followup to my recent blog post on fiscal year 2012 success rates, I’d like to post an update of an earlier blog post where I explained how paylines, percentiles and success rates relate to one another. It’s a long one, but should be helpful in understanding what we mean when we look at success rates. Continue reading