PubMed Gets Interactive

December 19, 2013

Today NIH’s National Library of Medicine (NLM) is bringing a new way of sharing and exchanging research information, fully integrated with the PubMed website, to a wider audience. For the last few months, NLM has been running a pilot of a commenting system for PubMed’s massive database of biomedical literature. The system, PubMed Commons, allows authors to discuss and share information through comments on article citations. Hundreds of authors have signed up as beta testers and commenters since the pilot began. ….

Training Experiences at NIH

December 6, 2013

Remember that our report on the Biomedical Research Workforce indicated that about 6% of US-trained biomedical PhDs end up in government research? Well, most of those talented individuals are here at NIH conducting research across the full gamut of disciplines. But did you know that NIH also is a dynamic training environment for the next generation of biomedical researchers? ….

Keeping Up With the Biomedical Research Workforce Initiative

August 30, 2013

Over the past two years I’ve frequently discussed the recommendations from the NIH Advisory Committee to the NIH Director (ACD) on the Biomedical Research Workforce. I know there’s been loads of information coming from us about how we are implementing these recommendations. I’m happy to share our new website that compiles all of this biomedical workforce initiative information.

NIH Funds and Lobbying Activities

May 24, 2013

NIH-funded awards are subject to a prohibition on using federal funds for lobbying activities… While these prohibitions have been in place for a long time, we are taking this opportunity to raise the visibility of the topic particularly since we had some changes last year and are often asked about what is and isn’t allowed under the prohibition. ….

Putting NIH Research on the Map… Literally

March 15, 2013

Early in his tenure as director of NIH, Francis Collins detailed five major areas of opportunity for NIH research. One of these areas is an increased focus on global health. An emphasis on global health research is nothing new at NIH; the lead story in the inaugural issue of the NIH Record newsletter in 1949 described NIH’s efforts to combat disease in Africa. ….

New Resource on Scientific Research Integrity

January 17, 2013

As scientists, we’re well acquainted with the importance of protecting our research from factors that could undermine objectivity. And as the nation’s largest single funder of biomedical research, it is vitally important that the public trusts the research NIH supports.  To this end, NIH recently published a centralized document describing our policies pertinent to scientific … Continue reading “New Resource on Scientific Research Integrity”