Signing Officials Can Choose to Bypass 2-day Viewing Window for Administrative Supplements


To speed up the system processing of electronic administrative supplements, signing officials (SOs) have the option to bypass the 2-day application viewing window and allow the application to go straight to staff for processing (see NOT-OD-23-011).

The SO will use the Status module in eRA Commons to search for Recent/Pending eSubmissions, locate the administrative supplement application(s) within the 2-day window period and click the ‘Verify’ link in the Action column. Once the SO confirms the choice, the application will be immediately released for agency processing.

Note that once this bypass option is exercised, the SO cannot reject or make further changes to the application.  Organizations must carefully review their applications prior to using the Verify action to avoid the need for resubmissions.

As always, applicants are encouraged to discuss administrative supplement requests with the awarding agency prior to submission.

Resources: 2-Day Window Skip topic in the eRA Commons online help; eRA News item.

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