Allow Extra Time for SAM Registrations and Renewals


Active SAM registration is required in order for an organization to apply for grant funding or to receive an NIH award. Organizations that do business with NIH should allow extra time for System for Award Management (SAM) registration and yearly renewals.

On April 7, 2022 issued a system alert stating “Due to high demand, entity legal business name and address validation tickets are taking longer than expected to process. We are working on tickets in the order received.”  Note that SAM advertises ten business day registration turnaround from submission, so you’ll want to add extra time from there.

Federal actions taken in response to the system challenges with potential impact to applicants and recipients:

  • Effective immediately, if an entity does not have a current SAM registration or renewal at the time of the application submission due date, NIH will accept late applications within the two-week late window as long as the entity has submitted all SAM registration or renewal documentation at least two weeks prior to the application due date and all other aspects of the application are compliant and consistent with the funding opportunity announcement requirements. See NIH Response to Registration Issues in
  • is providing an automatic, 30-day extension for any existing entity registrations needing to be renewed with an expiration date between Friday, April 29, 2022, and April 28, 2023. See 30-Day Extensions for Entity Registration Renewals.

If you are the business official responsible for maintaining SAM information for your organization, please proactively build extra time into your schedule to account for any processing delays.

Tip: The Institution Profile in eRA Commons displays your organization’s SAM expiration date in the left sidebar for easy reference.




  1. We will appreciate to receive an extension on UEI numbers that have expired. The renewal process is a challenge at the moment, it takes a long time for the incidents to be answered.Kindly assist on this matter. Thank you.

  2. Has anyone been through this process recently and have a time-frame on what to expect? Particularly in regard to the entity validation timeline with and without the delays?

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