Check Your Application for Completeness Before Submitting


We really care about the details. It is important to a fair review that all applicants competing together for funding have adhered to the same rules. It is also important that your application is submitted in a way that allows us to efficiently process your application and make it available for funding consideration. Consequently, your application will be checked at, by our eRA systems and finally by our staff before it is referred for review.

This may sound daunting, but the key to getting through this series of application checks is simple:

  • Follow the application guide and funding opportunity announcement instructions
  • Submit early enough to allow time to address any system identified errors and submit a corrected application prior to the deadline

Here are some examples of both system validations and manual checks we perform on your application after you submit:

  • Does the topic of the application fit NIH’s mission and the mission of one of the participating institutes/centers?
  • Is the applicant eligible to apply?
    • For example, if applying to the AREA (R15) program do the applicant organization and PI meet the eligibility requirements specific to that program?
  • Do you already have an application with essentially the same content under review?
    • You can’t have overlapping applications under review at the same time (NOT-OD-18-197).
  • Are all your attachments in PDF format?
  • Did you follow the page limits documented in our Table of Page Limits (unless otherwise specified in the announcement)?

Learn more on our page, How We Check for Completeness.

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