Webinar Available on Searches for Alternatives to Animals


The NIH Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare hosted a live webinar in December 2021 entitled, “Best Practices for Conducting a Search for Alternatives and Finding Animal Model/Model Organism Information.” The panelists included Jessie Kull from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal Welfare Information Center and Joelle Mornini from the NIH Library. View this recording to learn how to find:

  • 3Rs methods (replacement, reduction, and refinement) and animal use alternative information in bibliographic databases
  • Journal articles, patents, NIH-funded research projects, and genetic information related to animal models and model organisms
  • Requirements and resources for the NIH Model Organism Sharing Policy

Want more on this topic? We invite you to take a few minutes and also listen to our NIH All About Grants podcast on considering alternatives to animals in your grant application.

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