Does Every Attachment in a Grant Application Have a Page Limit?


The simple answer is no. You need to attach quite a few pdf documents to your grant application and some (but not all) are subject to strict page limits.

Attachment page limits are found in several places:

  • Table of Page Limits
    • Listing of standard page limits organized by activity code
    • Includes page limits for a subset of attachments (e.g., project summary abstract, project narrative, specific aims, research strategy, biosketch) common to most applications
    • Automated checks (validations) in place to alert you of potential issues and help enforce compliance
  • “Section IV. Application Submission Information” of the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) under sub-section labeled “Page Limitations”
    • Includes FOA-specific exceptions and/or additions to the Table of Page Limits
    • Take extra care with FOA-specific requirements – automated validations are not typically available
  • Relevant notices posted in the NIH Guide
    • Includes FOA-specific notices in the “Related Notices” section of the FOA and more general policy notices
    • If responding to a Notice of Special Interest (NOSI), the NOSI text may also include opportunity-specific page limits

If no page limit for an attachment is listed in the Table of Page Limits, Section IV of the FOA under Page Limitations, or in a relevant NIH Guide notice you can assume the attachment does not have a page limit.

Although not all attachments have page limits, the application guide and opportunities contain specific instructions about the information to include in each attachment. Including inappropriate material in one attachment to circumvent the page limit of another can have serious consequences.

See Page Limits for more information.

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