Submission and Processing of Federal Financial Reports


If you need to submit a Federal Financial Report (FFR) through the HHS Payment Management System (PMS), then you’ll want to be aware of two recent notices in the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts.

  1. Some recipients have experienced issues submitting timely final FFRs. PMS does not allow recipients to submit reports that do not reconcile expenditure versus quarterly cash transaction data. NIH Final Federal Financial Reports (FFRs) will be converted to Interim Annual Reports in the Payment Management System (NOT-OD-21-138) describes steps taken to address these challenges and delays in reporting and certifying expenditure FFRs.
  2. Updated Process for Submission of Federal Financial Reports for Closed Payment Management System Subaccounts (NOT-OD-21-128) provides instructions to NIH recipients who need to submit an FFR for a closed subaccount in PMS.

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