Reminder of NIH Closeout Policies


Is your NIH grant coming to an end soon? Here’s a refresher on reporting deadlines, timeframes for drawing funds from the Payment Management System (PMS), and the process for amending a Federal Financial Reports (FFR).

Recipients must submit a final FFR, Final Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR), and Final Invention Statement and Certification within 120 calendar days of the end of the period of performance (see NIHGPS Section 8.6). In the event that additional time is needed to fulfill the closeout requirements (e.g. prepare, revise, or amend financial reports), a no-cost extension should be requested.

Recipients may request payments from PMS up to 120 days past the period of performance end date, to liquidate obligations incurred during the period of performance. Per the NIH Grants Policy Statement, a term and condition of every NIH award, recipients must submit timely, accurate final grant expenditure reports, and reconcile cash transaction reports submitted to the PMS with expenditure reports submitted to NIH.

In rare cases, a recipient may need to revise or amend previously submitted expenditures more than 120 days past the period of performance end date in order to revise a previously submitted FFR. In these cases, the AOR must notify the IC Grants Management Specialist listed in the NoA for additional guidance (see NIHGPS Section

For more details, see the full Guide Notice.