Automated Trainee Diversity Report Required with RPPRs for Most T, K and Research Education Awards Beginning October 30, 2020


An automatically generated Trainee Diversity Report will replace the manual report that signing officials are required to submit with Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPRs) for most institutional training, career development awards and research education grants, effective October 30, 2020. The automated report will leverage existing electronic demographic data entered by trainees in the Personal Profile of eRA Commons to minimize the need for manual data entry by recipients and reduce their burden.

The report can be generated by recipients from the xTrain and RPPR modules and the signing official (SO) will submit the RPPR with the automated report.

The eRA system will check whether the RPPRs for the specified grant types include an electronically generated Trainee Diversity Report. RPPRs lacking an electronically generated report will not be accepted.

Recipient organizations should encourage trainees to keep their information updated in their Personal Profiles, as the Trainee Diversity Report will be most accurate if the profile is complete.


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