Changes to Notice of Award Coming October 1


Starting on October 1, 2020, recipients will see a new layout of Page One of the Notice of Award (NoA).  This new layout is part of HHS’s Reinvent Grants Management initiative to standardize the NoA across various HHS systems and reduce the burden on recipients.

The first page will present key award information at a glance. For instance, financial award information and federal agency contacts (program official contact information, etc.) will be available on Page One. The remaining sections of the NoA will remain mostly as is, with some data elements moving to Page One from subsequent pages of the NoA.

The new NoA Page One will be used by all HHS Operating Divisions.

For more information, please see Guide Notice NOT-OD-20-155.

In the coming weeks, please look for resources on the View Notice of Award page of the public eRA website.

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