New Certificates of Confidentiality System for Non-NIH Funded Research


Certificates of Confidentiality protect identifiable, sensitive research information from disclosure. While Certificates of Confidentiality are issued automatically for NIH-funded research, non-NIH funded research that collects identifiable, sensitive information can request a certificate.

NIH has updated its Certificate of Confidentiality request process for non-NIH funded research through a new online system. The new system simplifies the request process by using self-certification statements and shortened text fields, rather than attachments. Note that the new Certificates of Confidentiality system requires direct submission by the authorized institutional official, rather than by the investigator or another research team member.

NIH will no longer accept Certificates of Confidentiality requests through the current system as of March 11, 2020. See the Guide Notice for important details about the transition to the new system.

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