New “All About Grants” Podcast on NIH’s Interest in Diversity and Diversity Supplement Programs

Headshot of Jon Lorsch
Jon Lorsch, Ph.D., NIGMS Director

Avid NIH Open Mike blog readers will recall a post from a couple months ago contextualizing why NIH revised its definition of the economically disadvantaged category as a way to be more inclusive and diversify the biomedical workforce. In our next installment of the NIH’s All About Grants podcast series we sit down with the Director of the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, Dr. Jon Lorsch, to chat about diversity (MP3 / Transcript).

The conversation weaves between NIH’s interest in diversifying the research workforce, to how this interest manifests in funding opportunities, who is eligible to apply, how diversity supplements can help someone’s career, and sheds light on the review process.

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