New Centralized Notification for Unfunded Applications 


The more you know, and the more that can be sent in a single email, the better. Applicant organizations will begin receiving centralized email notifications, listing applications that NIH does not intend to fund, approximately 14 months after the application’s council date. NIH eRA systems will automatically send these consolidated notifications to the Notice of Award email address listed in the organization’s eRA Commons Institutional Profile File (IPF) and the Authorized Organization Representatives (AORs)/Signing Officials (SOs) listed in the included grant applications. In addition, an “Unfunded notification sent on <mm/dd/yyyy>” message will be added to the eRA Commons Status Information screen for each application.     

For more information, please see the Guide Notice, as well as the frequently asked questions (FAQs) and the eRA Commons Online Help webpage.


  1. Why does the NIH think it is necessary to inform host institutions if grant applications from investigators are not going to be funded? Is the NIH aware that by giving the institutions this kind of information in advance, this would simply prompt institutions to not promote people or even worse take away their lab space.

    1. At the minimum (for an R01 renewal in cycle I with an early council date) that’s 19 months after submission, that’s not in advance by any stretch of the imagination.

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