Quick Queries – Institutional Information on pending Reports and Award Dates are Just a Click Away

Do you need to figure out if your institution is already registered in eRA Commons? Or which grants in your institution are due for closeout?

You can get to this information and more without even logging in to eRA Commons, thanks to eRA’s Quick Queries.

eRA offers five quick queries, each designed to retrieve specific information:

  • Grants Pending Closeout (Find grants that will soon need to go through the closeout process)
  • Commons Registered Organizations (See if an institution is already registered in Commons)
  • Progress Report Search by IPF (Institutional Profile) number (Find grants with pending progress reports)
  • IPF Number Search [Search for your institution’s IPF number]
  • Issued Notice of (Grant) Award (Get a list of awards made to your institution over a specific time period)

Three of these search options (Grants Pending Closeout, Progress Report Search by IPF number, and Issued Notice of (Grant) Award) require that you enter your institution’s IPF number. The IPF number is assigned to your institution at the time the institution is registered in eRA Commons.  If you don’t know your IPF number, you can enter the name of your institution on the IPF Number Search screen and run the query to get it. Or you can log into eRA Commons and visit your Institutional Profile; the number is displayed on the top left side of the screen. 

Check these queries out today.


3 thoughts on “Quick Queries – Institutional Information on pending Reports and Award Dates are Just a Click Away

    • Large returns may be imported easily into other programs for sorting, printing or just saving. Save the output file as an .HTM file and then open with your favorite spreadsheet or word processing program. While downloading results directly as an Excel file or other format is not currently on the development list, you suggestion has been forwarded to the Quick Queries development team to be considered for future enhancements.

  1. I would like to suggest a future enhancement to either create an additional quick query for Interim RPPRs or add them to an existing query. Currently they are not covered in either the Progress Report or Grant Closeout queries.

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