How Do I Determine if My Institution is Eligible For an R15 Research Enhancement Award?


As of January 24, 2019, NIH will no longer maintain its list of institutions ineligible to apply for R15 grants. Instead, for R15 applications submitted for due dates on or after February 25, 2019, institutions are responsible for determining their own eligibility. At the time of application submission, a signed letter will be required from the Provost or similar official with institution-wide responsibility verifying the eligibility of the applicant institution (see NOT-OD-19-015).

Institutions can determine eligibility using the NIH RePORT website, a public tool that provides access to information on NIH awards by awardee organization through its RePORTER and NIH Awards by Location subsites. For detailed instructions, see our Need Help Determining Organization Funding Levels for R15 Eligibility? document.


  1. If an institution grants health professional degrees under some, but not all, schools/colleges, enrolls a majority of undergraduate students and meets the funding eligibility requirements, may an institution submit both REAP and AREA proposals as appropriate?

    1. Did you ever receive a response to your question? I would assume that an institution could be eligible for both (I believe ours is) but I too have this question and have yet to receive a definitive answer. The way that the respective FOA eligibility requirements are written, one is not dependent upon the other. However, the NIH R15 decision aid PDF suggests an institution would be eligible for one or the other, not both.

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