Protecting Human Research Participants (PHRP) Online Tutorial No Longer Available as of September 26, 2018


We recently released a policy notice announcing that as of September 26, 2018, the NIH will no longer be offering the Protecting Human Research Participants (PHRP) course. Users should be sure to complete any in-progress courses and/or print their course certificate before this date.

It is important to note that investigators are still required to comply with all aspects of the NIH policy Required Education in the Protection of Human Research Participants, and can do so through a different training program or course. NIH does not plan to offer an alternative course.

Archived course content will be available as a reference in PDF format on the NIH Research Involving Human Subjects website.

Be sure to check out our frequently asked questions page for more information on the protection of human subjects education requirement.


  1. One of the most useful NIH supported tools. Of course it is being discontinued. i can’t imagine the expense of leaving it up. Literally thousands of dollars a year! Yes, sarcasm, but this is sooooooo dum.

  2. I do not think this one is a wise decision. People across the world trust the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as a source of authentic and updated information. Discontinuation of online tutorial “Protecting Human Research Participants (PHRP)” is just sending a wrong message. I implore the concerned authorities to revert the decision. Staying involved with human subjects research for almost three decades and by serving as Member of the Institutional Review Board, I believe, discontinuation of the tutorial is not humane and disrespect to humanity.

  3. This is disappointing. I suppose it’s a reflection of the attitude of the current White House administration. No leadership, no accountability, and certainly no intelligence. This is yet another example of how the United States government is abandoning it’s leadership role in science and research.

    It’s shameful.

  4. I think it will be necessary for clinicians and non clinicians that are currently involved in a clinical research to always have the opportunities in research articles and courses. I therefore recommend the reopening of PHRP

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