Receiving NIH Funding? Don’t Forget Your Responsibilities in Reporting Progress and Financials


If you are a recipient of NIH funding, then you are required to report on scientific progress and financial expenditures. Submitting timely, accurate, and complete reports are an essential part of the stewardship of federally-supported research, and maintaining the public’s trust in science.

We recently reminded all NIH recipients of their reporting responsibilities in an NIH Guide notice published June 5. The Guide notice summarizes the required information, and due dates, for Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPRs) and Financial Expenditure –Federal Financial Reports (FFRs).

We encourage you to share this information with your colleagues at your research organization. Failure to submit complete and accurate reports doesn’t just affect one individual – it can affect future funding to the entire organization, and can result in a delay of continued support. Read more in NIH Guide Notice NOT-OD-17-074.

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  1. Thank you for this note. However the deadlines are not what trips me up. I find that there’s always something I’ve messed up on. I think what would be helpful is if you could produce a checklist of most common errors and instructions on each one (it links to instructions). I often find the available instructions don’t actually tell me what to do in my circumstance. I suspect don’t think they actually relate to the real errors and omissions that you see in the RPPRs.

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