July 18-19, 2017: NIH Hosts Policy Workshop on Biosafety and Emerging Technologies


NIH’s Office of Science Policy works across NIH and with external stakeholders to promote science, safety and ethics in biomedical technology assessment, biosafety, and biosecurity. In July, they will be hosting a workshop entitled NIH Guidelines: Honoring the Past, Charting the Future. The event will celebrate the recent 40th anniversary of the Asilomar Conference by discussing the best ways to ensure a robust biosafety framework is in place to address emerging biotechnologies. This workshop, featuring a keynote address by Dr. David Baltimore, will be of significant interest to investigators, research administrators, and biosafety professionals who are grappling with the unique biosafety questions that arise from the use of emerging biotechnologies. More information on the event, and registration, can be found here external link icon.

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