Take A Look At Our New Application Instructions


Reading and following application instructions is key to a smooth application submission process. This is why we’re continually seeking to make it easier for you to find and understand the information you need. If you take a look at the December release of our application guide, you will see that we’ve worked really hard to simplify the language and presentation of our application instructions.

recent Guide notice highlights our changes:

  • We have completely rewritten form instructions for clarity.
  • We added headings and labeling to distinguish instructions from supporting information.
  • We clarified what is required and optional throughout the instructions.
  • We highlight updated instructions with a new symbol:exclamation mark icon  In the web (HTML) version of the application instructions, you can use your mouse to hover over the icon to read an explanation of the change.

Recent changes continue to be summarized for your convenience in the Significant Changes section of the application instructions.

Let us know if you find these changes helpful!


  1. I create templates for staff using the instructions. I was able to copy and paste directly from the Forms D etc previously. Yesterday I tried to cut and paste and was unable to due to the new formatting it put lots of spaces between letters.

    1. Thank you for pointing this out to us; we are now taking steps to correct this in the PDF. In the meantime, our web (HTML) version of the instructions allow you to copy and paste without the extra-spacing error. Thanks for your patience while we resolve the PDF formatting issue!

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