Reminder to Review Accuracy of Your Institution’s Grant Award Data before October 13

As we turn the corner toward the end of the fiscal year, we’d like to remind research institution officials to review whether your awarded grants are accurately assigned to the correct department/school within eRA Commons. This ensures that the grants are reported correctly in tools like RePORT for year-end reporting, and displayed under the right division/school in eRA Commons. On October 13, data for the government’s fiscal year will be frozen, and cannot subsequently be changed, so we encourage you to review your information now and avoid the end-of-fiscal-year rush!

Signing Officials at institutions of higher education can make corrections if needed using a new feature in eRA Commons that allows them to update data regarding the reassignment of a grant within an institution (see steps to Reassign Grant). Once the data is updated in eRA Commons, it appears immediately on the eRA Commons Status screen as well as on the Reassign Grants screen. Updated data will be reflected in RePORT, when the data is refreshed weekly.


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