Multi-project Application Reminders for May 25, 2016 Due Date

Applicants to our large, multi-project programs will be among the first to use our updated (FORMS-D) application forms.

Here are some handy reminders:

  • Use FORMS-D application forms and instructions:
    • There are now two ways to access instructions for multi-project grant applications:
      Our general instructions, which include instructions for multi-project applications as well as all other types of grant programs (available in PDF or a web-based format), and
      2. Multi-project specific instructions, which consolidate all instructions relevant only to multi-project grant applications into a single PDF document.
    • Watch for “Additional Instructions for Multi-Project” callouts in the form instructions; they are color coded with a red icon icon that reads "Additional instructions for multi-project"
  • FORMS-D application packages have been added to all NIH multi-project opportunities (if provided a choice of application packages, pick the one with a FORMS-D Competition ID)
  • Follow the updated guidance for biosketches which includes several important clarifications summarized inNOT-OD-16-080. Remember, every person named in a multi-project application only gets one biosketch covering their work on all components and you’ll need to be selective in the contributions to science you choose to include.
  • Communicate specific application assignment and review requests to our receipt and referral staff, if you wish to, using the new PHS Assignment Request form (its an optional form in the Overall component).
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