Training Application Reminders for May 25, 2016 Due Date

Applicants to our training grant programs will be among the first to use our updated (FORMS-D) application forms.

Here are some handy reminders:

  • Use FORMS-D application forms and instructions:
    • There are now two ways to access instructions for training grant applications: 1. Our general instructions, which include instructions for training grants as well as all other types of grant programs (available in PDF or a web-based format), and 2. training (T) specific instructions, which consolidate all instructions relevant only to training grant applications into a single PDF document.
    • New T32 (PA-16-152)and T35 (PA-16-151) parent announcements with FORMS-D application packages are now available.
    • FORMS-D application packages have been added to all other NIH training opportunities with standard due dates.
    • Watch for “Additional Instructions for Training” callouts in the form instructions; they are color coded with a turquoise icon —

Icon for training-specific instructions

  • Use the updated FORMS-D training tables. Note that NIH has reduced the maximum number of required tables to eight.
  • Pay close attention to the new instructions for the PHS 398 Research Training Program Plan form – there have been quite a few changes:
    • Moved content previously collected in “Background’ and “Recruitment Plan to Enhance Diversity” attachments to existing “Program Plan” attachment
    • Added new “Plan for the Instruction in Methods for Enhancing Reproducibility” attachment
    • Added new Data Safety Monitoring Plan attachment
  • Follow the updated guidance for biosketches which includes several important clarifications summarized in NOT-OD-16-080
  • Take advantage of the new PHS Assignment Request form to communicate specific application assignment and review requests to our receipt and referral staff
  • Remember the implementation of new rigor and transparency requirements has been delayed for institutional training applications and is not expected before FY 2017 (NOT-OD-16-034)


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2 thoughts on “Training Application Reminders for May 25, 2016 Due Date

    • The instruction is correct. You can rely on the Form D instructions (in conjunction with the instructions in the FOA). NOT-OD-16-034 indicates that NIH and AHRQ plan to require formal instruction in scientific rigor and transparency to enhance reproducibility for all individuals supported by institutional training grants, institutional career development awards, or individual fellowships no earlier than FY 2017 to give the community ample time to take a thoughtful approach.

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