Gearing Up for FORMS-D

February 29, 2016

We are gearing up to start posting updated application forms (FORMS-D) to be used for due dates on or after May 25, 2016. The use of these updated application forms is a critical part of our implementation of Phase II of the 2016 policy changes outlined in NOT-OD-16-004. You’ll start seeing FORMS-D application packages hit the streets as early as mid-March. ….

A New NIH Grants and Funding Website Is Coming Soon!

February 29, 2016

Get ready! We are in the process of transforming, NIH’s central resource for grants and funding information, to help you find the information you need more easily. Using input from user surveys, usability reviews, and discussions with people like you, we are reducing clutter, providing more context, and dramatically simplifying our pages. ….

New to the World of NIH Grants? Attend a 2016 NIH Regional Seminar

February 29, 2016

One of my favorite “job tasks” is to spend time meeting with scientists and science administrators who are new to the NIH environment or are attempting to launch their careers in science. Invariably I’m asked, “What wisdom do you have to offer?” Of course, I’ll mention that it’s key to find a top-notch mentor (or mentors), that it’s critical to follow one’s passion, and that it’s always a good idea to work on grant proposals well in advance of deadlines, allowing ample time to seek input from colleagues and critics. But … that’s not enough. In today’s dynamic world, one in which we can not only no longer take science funding for granted (let alone increases in science funding), it’s not enough to be an outstanding scientists or an outstanding administrator. One also has to be an outstanding citizen. ….

Are Attempts at Renewal Successful?

February 16, 2016

On my first day on the job as NIH Deputy Director for Extramural Research, one of my colleagues asked me a question: Is it true that it is more difficult to renew a grant than it is to get one in the first place? Some people wonder whether NIH’s interest in supporting new investigators who are trying to get their first grant negatively impacts the other investigators’ attempts to renew their grants.
To address this question we gathered data on R01-equivalent success rates for new and experienced investigators seeking funding in fiscal years (FY) 2013 through 2015. ….

Registration is Now Open for the Spring and Fall 2016 NIH Regional Seminars

February 1, 2016

NIH will hold two NIH Regional Seminars on Program Funding and Grants Administration in 2016.

Wednesday-Friday, May 11-13, 2016: Baltimore, MD
Wednesday-Friday, October 26-28, 2016: Chicago, IL
Don’t delay…register to learn all about NIH grants process, policies, and tools. While on the site, check out additional information about early registration rates, draft agenda of sessions, and …..