Opportunities to Learn More About NIH’s Peer Review Process


The NIH Center for Scientific Review (CSR) presents several new resources to help you understand the peer review process.

In November, CSR will host two “Meet the Experts in NIH Peer Review” webinars on the application submission and review processes, one for research project grant (R01) applicants, and the other for university research administrators. To learn more and sign up for these sessions, read the announcement in the NIH Guide.

In addition to making NIH experts available through these webinars, CSR recently published resources for peer reviewers to use in sharing their valuable first-person insights with colleagues and trainees at their home institution. CSR ‘s new outreach resources include slides, handouts and videos. Read more about these resources on the CSR website.
CSR is the portal for receipt and referral of NIH grant applications, and, for the majority of those applications, handles their review for scientific and technical merit. Stay on top of news from CSR by reading more in their Peer Review Notes update.