Delays in Grant Application Submission Due to Severe Weather and Other Natural Disasters/Emergencies

Summer storms causing you trouble?  Remember that NIH has policies in place to support you during this time. We recognize that natural disasters can negatively impact an applicant organization’s ability to make an on-time grant application submission.

When applications cannot be submitted because the applicant organization is officially closed due to a natural disaster or other emergency, the NIH will consider accepting those applications late, on a case-by-case basis, under the following circumstances:

  • Applications must be submitted as soon as possible after the applicant organization/institution re-opens, not to exceed the number of days the applicant organization was officially closed.
  • A cover letter must be submitted with the application, with enough detail about the delay so that NIH staff can make a determination whether circumstances justify accepting the application late.

More information is available in NIH’s reminder notice.

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