Improvements to Inclusion Data Reporting and Management

A new system for reporting and managing your clinical research inclusion data is on its way. Currently, grantees report on sex/gender, race, and ethnicity information as required by NIH’s policy on the Inclusion of Women and Minorities in Clinical Research, through the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) or use of paper forms in the PHS 2590. The Inclusion Management System (IMS), a new module that will be a part of the eRA Commons in the fall, will allow you to directly view and update your inclusion data through the life of your clinical research award. The IMS will also be integrated with the RPPR for annual progress reporting of inclusion data.

This summer we will begin preparing for the transition to this new data system as described in NIH Guide notice NOT-OD-14-086. You will also begin using an updated format for reporting enrollment inclusion data for progress reports with start dates after October 1, 2014. This format allows us to capture inclusion data in a more structured way. See NIH Guide notices NOT-OD-13-092 and NOT-OD-14-085 for details.

Looking for additional help in understanding how NIH’s inclusion policy works? You may want to check out the Rock Talk blog post about inclusion, and the NIH inclusion policy website which includes frequently asked questions, a podcast and narrated slide deck on race and ethnicity reporting, and more.

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