Receive Customized NIH Guide Listings via Email


Do you find yourself repeating the same NIH Guide search over and over again looking for funding opportunity announcements?  If the answer is yes, then we have a new tool you are sure to love. The NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts now allows you to be notified when new NIH Guide postings match your search criteria. To get started, visit and perform your search, then from the Results page click “Save Your Search” to sign up for alerts based on that search criteria. The system can email you with new funding opportunity announcements and/or notices related to your search on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (your choice!).


  1. This seems like a nice feature. I was only able to set an auto-update for terms with active search hits, which could limit usefulness if keeping an eye out for grants based on search terms that don’t yield an active hit. Not sure if I this is an oversight in the programming of if I am missing something.

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