What is the Page Limit for Letters of Support for K (Research Career) Awards?

Unless the funding opportunity announcement instructs otherwise, the page limit is 6 pages for Letters of Support from collaborators, contributors, and consultants in addition to the 6 pages allowed for the Statements of the Mentor and Co-Mentor(s).

NOTE: These Letters of Support are now separated from the Plans and Statements of Mentor and Co-Mentors’ attachment; they are attached to the PHS 398 Career Development Award Supplemental form, Item #8. For more information, please see pages I-147 and I-149 of the SF424 R&R Application Guide Version C.



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2 thoughts on “What is the Page Limit for Letters of Support for K (Research Career) Awards?

  1. This page limit for the letter of support section was very clear in the Form B version of the SF 424 instructions: “This section is to be completed by the mentor, co-mentor(s), consultant(s), and contributor(s), as appropriate. The letters must be appended together and uploaded as a single pdf file. This single pdf file is limited to 6 pages.”

    This has been omitted from the Form C instructions.

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