When Do I Need to Send NIH Information on the Sex/Gender, Race, and Ethnicity of Clinical Research Participants?

Investigators need to include information on research participant sex/gender, race, and ethnicity when submitting new applications, competing renewal applications, and progress reports (non-competing renewals.) When submitting a new or competing renewal application to the NIH, investigators should address plans for … Continue reading

NIH Asks for Comments on Genomic Data Sharing

Advances in genetic sequencing and high-throughput technologies, as well as a steep drop in genetic sequencing costs, have resulted in great volumes of genomic data produced with the support of NIH funding. In light of these scientific advances, NIH decided to expand its data sharing policies to encompass a wider range of genomic research. The resulting draft Genomic Data Sharing (GDS) policy, is now available for public comment. Continue reading

Moving to Subaccounts for NIH Award Payments

Proper award management and fiscal oversight are critical to maintaining scientific integrity and public trust in stewardship of federal funds. To this end, all HHS operating divisions, including NIH, are making changes that will affect how grantees manage their grant funds. One such change involves a shift from pooled account payments to subaccount payments. ….
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A New Opportunity in Big Data

In addition to all the biomedical workforce activity following December’s Advisory Committee to the Director (ACD) meeting, other ACD working group initiatives have also been busy launching their flagship programs, as well. …. Most recently, NIH announced the flagship program for supporting challenges related to “Big Data” …. Continue reading