Wednesday, April 17: Watch NIH Director Francis Collins at TEDMED 2013

We’re pleased to inform you that NIH Director Francis Collins will be speaking at TEDMED 2013 on the afternoon of Wednesday, April 17, 2013. TEDMED will make available a real-time and on-demand simulcast of his talk from the Kennedy Center stage, and the entire TEDMED program, at no cost to medical colleges, teaching hospitals, government agencies, and other non-profit institutions. Continue reading

More Applications… But How Many Research Institutions?

In August I presented data regarding the well-known increase in applications to NIH over the past decade. In “More Applications, Many More Applicants” we looked at the source of increase in competing applications, and presented data on the numbers of unique NIH applicants per year. …. Continue reading

Putting NIH Research on the Map… Literally

Early in his tenure as director of NIH, Francis Collins detailed five major areas of opportunity for NIH research. One of these areas is an increased focus on global health. An emphasis on global health research is nothing new at NIH; the lead story in the inaugural issue of the NIH Record newsletter in 1949 described NIH’s efforts to combat disease in Africa. …. Continue reading

Diversifying the Training Experiences of the Biomedical Research Workforce

I’m eager to tell you about another important biomedical workforce-related initiative that NIH is launching based on the Advisory Committee to the Director (ACD) working group recommendations. This initiative seeks to expand existing research training and allow research institutions to best prepare their trainees for a variety of research-related career outcomes. …. Continue reading