I’m Submitting an Application for the September 9, 2013 AIDS Due Date: Which Forms Should I Use?


If you are submitting an application for the September 9, 2013 AIDS due date (Sept. 7 falls on a Saturday this year), you should use the B Series application form packages.

Note: The R01 and R21 Parent funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) were recently reissued.

Activity Code Old Parent FOA Reissued Parent FOA
R01 PA-11-260 PA-13-302
R03 PA-11-262 PA-13-304
R21 PA-11-261 PA-13-303

The B Series application packages associated with the old parent FOAs should be used for the AIDS due date. The old parent FOAs indicate that they expire September 8, 2013 (since the September 7 AIDS deadline is the last official due date). However, since September 7 falls on a Saturday, the due date moves to September 9. The FOAs are set up with a grace period behind the scenes to allow applications to continue to be accepted beyond the expiration date which accomodates the September 9 due date.


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