NIH to Require the Use of Updated Electronic Grant Application Forms


NIH periodically updates the electronic grant application forms used to apply to NIH programs. These updates are necessary in order to remain current with the most recent form sets available through and approved by the Office of Management and Budget. Our next form update will take place for applications submitted for due dates on or after September 25, 2013 (see NOT-OD-13-074 for details, exceptions and instructions).

Despite our best efforts, these form updates can be confusing for applicants – old application packages are removed from announcements and replaced with new packages that include the updated forms; some new announcements are posted without any application packages for a period of time; timelines can vary by grant program, and communications start using terms like ‘Competition-Id’ to distinguish old packages from new.

Take a deep breath, carefully follow the posted guidance and follow the NIH Guide for updates, and your submission should be just fine.


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