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Join Me at the NIH Regional Seminar in Baltimore

Those of you new to Rock Talk and working with NIH – or maybe just in need of a brush up on NIH funding and related topics – might want to join me in Baltimore (home of this year’s Superbowl champions – go Ravens!) for the NIH Regional Seminar on Program Funding and Grants Administration. This year we’re only holding one seminar, taking place June 26-28.

I’ll be joining about 35 of my NIH and HHS colleagues – including NIH policy officials, grants management and scientific program and review staff, to meet and exchange experiences with students, researchers and research administrators like you.

Wednesday is an optional, full-day workshop for those new to using eRA Commons. Then Thursday I’ll be speaking at the seminar kickoff and also leading a session called Rock Talk which, like this blog, will be a candid discussion of hot topics and big picture issues in the minds of NIH leadership. Thursday and Friday offer a range of session topics, such as understanding NIH, the peer review process, grant writing, how to interact with NIH electronically, policy topics (e.g., human subjects research and advanced administrative topics) and NIH special programs (e.g., training programs, SBIR and AREA grants). And of course we try to provide ample opportunities for networking with presenters and attendees, as well.

If you think you’d like to join us, check out the program agenda, info about registration, and more on the 2013 seminar website. The seminar will be chock full of information and  provide you with insight into NIH and resources for your career, whether as a scientist, research administrator or anyone else working with NIH grants. I really enjoy having the opportunity to interact with those new to NIH as well as the folks that join us for these seminars year after year. Hope to see you there.

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