Should a Consultant Be Designated as Senior/Key Personnel in My Grant Application?


Generally, a consultant is not considered senior/key personnel. However, if the consultant contributes to the scientific development or execution of a project substantively and measurably, he/she should be designated as senior/key personnel and would be included in the Senior/Key Person Profile Component.  To learn more about including personnel on grant applications and progress reports, see our many FAQs on Senior/Key personnel.

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  1. As an SRO who spends too much time digging through applications to find consultants and other personnel not usually entered as Key Personnel, it would be GREAT if there was a way to automatically compile a list of *everyone* affiliated with an application regardless of their role. This would be extremely useful since even consultants can put a potential reviewer in conflict with an application, and hence their names need to be added to the list of personnel presented to reviewers checking for COIs; however, to add their names, the SRO has to find them first! Often this is no easy task, but the price an SRO pays for not taking the time to do this thoroughly is conflicts identified close to the meeting date (or at the meeting itself!) which are, by then, a real nightmare to deal with. So, in addition to auto-generating a list of Key Personnel, how about a second list of All Personnel?

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