How Can Applicants Track Submission of Reference Letters?

The applicant is responsible for tracking his or her reference letters or reference forms in the eRA Commons and contacting referees to ensure that the letters or forms are submitted and matched to the application by the application due date.

The applicant can track the status of reference letters or reference forms submitted by his or her referees by logging into his or her Commons account, clicking the Personal Profile tab and clicking on the Reference Letters tab on the second header row. While the applicant is able to track the status of the letters or forms, he or she will not be able to see the letters or forms themselves due to the confidentiality of their contents.

The applicant also can track the status of reference letters submitted to a specific application by clicking on the application ID number (once a number has been assigned) in Commons. Reference letter information is visible to the PD/PI, PD/PI’s assistant(s) (ASSTs) and signing officials.

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