Clearing Up Confusion about Postdoc Salaries and Training Activities

We all know postdocs don’t spend every moment at the bench. I think everyone would agree that attending a professional meeting and presenting research results is a critical part of a postdoc’s expected responsibilities. However, lately we’ve had a number of inquiries about which activities postdoctoral fellows are allowed to perform as part of their official duties supported by NIH grants. Continue reading

Supporting Early Career Researchers through Loan Repayment Programs

Developing ways to support early career researchers has been a key goal at NIH for many years. As I’ve discussed here in the past, we have a commitment to support new investigators as they become independent scientists. But there are multiple ways NIH supports people as they transition through the various stages of their research career. Continue reading

NIH Operating Under a Continuing Resolution through March 27, 2013

As you know, the new fiscal year for government spending (FY 2013) began on October 1. In order to continue operations in the absence of a FY2013 budget appropriation, President Obama signed a continuing resolution (CR) on September 28, 2012 that applies the terms of the fiscal year 2012 budget appropriations through March 27, 2013. Continue reading