May I Still Use Forms Which Are Past the Expiration Date?


NIH recently issued a Notice on the availability of newly revised forms and instructions for post-award documents, including interim and final progress reports. Revised Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) forms are also now available. Revised competing applications and instructions are expected to be implemented in the summer of 2013, following electronic development of applicable forms. Until that time, continue to use the existing forms.


  1. This doesn’t really answer the question and it seems contradict the notice. Do you mean to say we can continue using previous post-award forms, PHS 2590 and PHS 416-9 forms until the new competing application instructions and forms are issued? Also, in the past when expired forms have been used, they have been rejected and applicants have been informed to revise and re-submit using the updated forms.

    1. The new PHS 2590 and 416-9, revised 08/2012, and other forms listed in NOT-OD-12-152 should now be used. The old forms are no longer available on the NIH Forms & Applications page.

      Since the PHS 2590 and 416-9 are submitted in paper and the difference between the old and new PHS 2590 and 416-9 are nominal, submitting on the old form within a reasonable timeframe would be accepted by NIH.

      There are times when NIH has to continue to use expired form versions for competing applications. This is often because and NIH must both modify our electronic systems to accommodate the changes that are made to new form versions. Once the electronic systems can accommodate the new forms, you are correct that in most instances a system validation will prevent submission of the expired form.