Where May NRSA Applicants Include Letters of Support?

NRSA applicants may attach Letters of Support to section 4.4 Other Project Information Component under #12. Other Attachments, part B. Additional Attachments, 1. Collaborators and Dissertation Advisors(s). This information is found on   of the SF424 (R&R) Individual Fellowship Application Guide for NIH and AHRQ (p. I-65).


4 thoughts on “Where May NRSA Applicants Include Letters of Support?

  1. It would be helpful if you would not abbreviate the first time used. I have no idea what NRSA translates to but would like to know what it refers to. Thanks.

  2. I am preparing an application for an NRSA. Where can I find specific guideline for an individual who is writing a Letter of Support for my propose research project?


    • Although letters of support can be included in NRSA applications they are not required. So NIH did not include instructions in the NRSA application guide for the section. If you are looking for instructions about reference letters, those instructions are located in the NRSA application guide for individual fellowships. Below you will find the excerpt from the SF-424 general application guide for letters of support. This can help the writer of the letter of support for the NRSA application.

      Letters of support
      Attach all appropriate letters of support, including any letters necessary to demonstrate the support of consortium participants and collaborators such as Senior/Key Personnel and Other Significant Contributors included in the grant application. Letters are not required for personnel (such as research assistants) not contributing in a substantive, measurable way to the scientific development or execution of the project. Letters should stipulate expectations for co-authorship, and whether cell lines, samples or other resources promised in the letter are freely available to other investigators in the scientific community or will be provided to the particular investigators only. For consultants, letters should include rate/charge for consulting services and level of effort/number of hours per year anticipated. In addition, letters ensuring access to core facilities and resources should stipulate whether access will be provided as a fee-for-service. Do not place these letters in the Appendix. Consultant biographical sketches should be in the Biographical Sketch section.

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