What Is the Current Salary Cap?

The current salary cap is $179,700 (Executive Level II), effective for awards issued 12/23/11 or later.   

  •  If an individual’s institutional-based salary exceeds the cap, the grantee may not charge more than the limit in effect at the time of the initial issue date (see FAQs for more details). 
  •  Grantee organizations may provide additional salary–just not with NIH funds. 
  •  The cap does not apply to consultants. 
  • The cap does apply to subawards and contracts under an award.        

2 thoughts on “What Is the Current Salary Cap?

  1. If one is on a 9 month salary (non-medical school, Arts and Sciences College) and you request summer salary only from the NIH, but your institutional annual salary is more than 179K, the 3 month summer salary (33.3% of the 9 mo) would only be, for example, 66K for the 3 summer months. Seems to me you are under the cap. Some say, however, that the 179K is for 12 months and per month is 14.9K. The 66K for 3 months is 22K a month. According to that calculation, on a per month basis, this exceeds the cap.
    Is it prorated or absolute? That is the question.

    • Sorry, the above example is based on a 9 mo salary of 200K, that was left out and that is how the 66K for summer (at 33.3% of the 9 mo salary was calculated)

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