2 thoughts on “For a Resubmission, What is the Page Limit for the Intro?

  1. Why is the introduction page limit for R01 proposals, which are 12 pages + specific aims the same as for R03 and R21 proposals, which are 6 pages + specific aims. This makes no sense to limit the introduction to 1 page for all three types of applications. In most cases, reviewers will find more points to critique in 13 pages than in 7. When R01’s were 25 pages, we had 3 pages to address the critiques. Proportionally we should have at least 1.5 pages. Why not allow 2 pages for revised R01’s?

    • Thanks for your question. We did consider different introduction lengths when we changed the application page limits. There was discussion about having ½ page for 6-page applications and 1 page for 12-page applications, but, in the end, a compromise was made to make it 1 page for both.

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