Multiple Investigator Policy Revised


Since 2007, we have allowed more than one principal investigator on most grant applications. Designed to promote team science and multidisciplinary approaches to biomedical research, multiple principle investigators could be requested only for new and renewal applications.

After several years of experience with the multiple investigator model, we determined that unique circumstances may arise in which it would be in the best interest of a project to change the leadership model mid-award, and that peer review of the new leadership team and leadership plan may not be essential in these cases.

Therefore, we amended the policy to allow a change:

  • from multiple investigators to one investigator,
  • from one investigator to multiple investigators, or
  • to the makeup or number of investigators on a multiple investigator award.

Although such a change is expected to be rare, the grantee institution should submit their request to the funding NIH institute or center for approval. The IC will carefully review requests and approve only those that present a strong scientific justification. Justifications based on administrative convenience will not be considered. For details, see NOT-OD-11-118.

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