Heads Up: Workforce Request for Information on the Way


As I’ve mentioned before, a working group of the Advisory Committee to the Director is examining the future of the research biomedical workforce (January 31 and June 3). It’s now time to ask for your input on this very important topic. On Wednesday, we will publish a request for information in the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts outlining the issues being considered by the group and asking for your views on those and any other issues you think the group should consider. The RFI will be open for comment until October 7. I’d like to get input from as much of the biomedical research community as possible, so please let your colleagues know about the opportunity to comment. Check back here for a link and more information in the coming weeks.

Update 8/17/11 – View the RFI: http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/notice-files//NOT-OD-11-106.html


  1. We are training too many people for jobs that don’t exist. A Ph.D. is still a useful thing, but an academic career with federal funding for research is fast becoming a thing of the past. If we are going to continue to train the same or increasing numbers of Ph.D.s they need to be trained for the jobs that will exist.

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