May 13, 2011: CTSA Collaboration and Resource Sharing Symposium

Date: May 13, 2011

Time: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Location: NIH Main Campus, Building 31, Wing C, 6th Floor, Conference Room 10

What Will Be Learned

NIH’s National Center for Research Resources Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) program and the Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) will sponsor a one-day symposium designed to encourage collaboration and resource sharing. among members of the Military Health Service (MHS) and the CTSA consortium.

Focus areas will include:

  • Patient-Centered Outcomes Research
  • Comparative Effectiveness Research
  • Health Economics
  • Applied Informatics

Participants will learn about existing Military Health System (MHS) clinical data resources, plans for building a de-identified data store to support data-intensive studies, and a vision to sponsor external research/enhance internal research leveraging of this data. Workshop presentations will include:

  • Existing MHS clinical data resources
  • ONC Vision for Secondary Use of EHR Data
  • New Approaches for Point-of-Care Design
  • Comparative Effectiveness Research
  • Insights from Behavioral Economics into Improved Health Outcomes
  • Clinical Data De-Identification and Re-Identification
  • Mechanics of Sharing and Data Integration with the CTSA
  • Research Data Warehousing: Designing for Interoperability and Maximum Use

The workshop will culminate in the collaborative development of a white paper identifying the significant research questions that can be addressed through the MHS data warehouse and the actions necessary to move this research agenda forward.

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Who Should Attend

Members of the Military Health Service (MHS) and the CTSA consortium are welcome to attend.

More Information

Register Now

Seating is limited on the NIH campus so participating via VideoCast is recommended.

For more information, contact James Whitlock (AFMS) or Dr. Jody Sachs (NCRR)

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