Stay Informed with MyRePORTER Alerts

Since its release last year, MyRePORTER has allowed you to create and save custom queries to search for projects in the RePORTER database. Now the MyRePORTER function has gone one step further to keep you up-to-date on NIH funded research projects. With just a few clicks, you can easily subscribe to receive weekly email alerts for new projects that have been added to the RePORTER database that match your saved queries.

To sign up for these alerts, sign in to your MyRePORTER account (if you don’t have one, learn how to create one) and check the boxes in the “Alert” column to receive alerts for saved queries.

Image showing MyRePORTER dashboard with Alerts column highlighted

Once you have chosen the queries of interest, you will automatically receive a weekly email with up to 25 new entries. If there are more than 25 new projects, there will be a link to the full list in RePORTER.

Image showing MyRePORTER email alert

To learn more about the features of RePORT or to find out how to sign up for the RePORT listserv, visit the inaugural issue of the RePORT ReSource newsletter.

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