New Opportunity for Clinical Researchers


NIH has fellowship, training and career programs for the clinician scientist, and we have just added a new, exciting and unique opportunity for early stage clinician researchers. Scientists who successfully compete to become a Lasker Clinical Research Scholar will spend five to seven years in our intramural program. They will then be offered the opportunity to either stay at NIH as a senior clinical researcher or apply for up to five years of support to go back out into the extramural community. The program is open to clinician scientists from both the extramural and the intramural communities. Applicants must have an MD, MD/PhD, DO, DDS, DMD, RN/PhD, or equivalent clinical degree and must be no more than six years from completion of their core residency training program. The deadline is March 4, 2011 for a letter of intent and April 4, 2011 for the full application. Candidates must also obtain a DUNS number and register with the NIH eRA Commons prior to submitting an application.

More information, including the RFA, is at Direct any questions about this program to Charles R. Dearolf, Ph.D., Assistant Director for Intramural Research, at

I am delighted that NIH launched this program in conjunction with the Lasker Foundation. It represents a truly historic partnership between the NIH extramural and intramural programs. We’re expecting great things from our future Lasker Clinical Research Scholars!


    1. Yes, NDs are eligible as long as you meet the other eligibility requirements, such as having a license to practice clinically in the U.S, and propose research that fits into one of the desired research areas, as indicated in the announcement and on the website. For clinicians who do not do a residency, you must be within six years of completing the requirements for your doctoral degree at the time of application.

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