Two-day Error Correction Window is Back!


Electronic and paper grant applications intended for deadlines on or after May 8, 2010 will have two business days following the submission deadline to correct any NIH-identified errors/warnings (i.e., a two-day error correction window).

The error correction window was extended in January 2010 to five days (see guide notices NOT-OD-10-042 and NOT-OD-10-050) in order to accommodate the transition to new application forms and instructions as part of the Enhancing Peer Review initiative. The temporary extension provided additional time to correct errors for applicants who submitted using incorrect forms or who exceeded the new page limits in applications intended for submission deadlines on or between January 25 and May 7, 2010.

Although OER is analyzing the public comments submitted on the impact of eliminating the error correction window entirely and the timing for making such a change, applicants can expect the two-day error correction window to be in place through the end of the calendar year.

This return to the two-day error correction window does not affect the two-day viewing window, which allows applicants to view an assembled electronic image of their application in the eRA Commons upon submission of an error-free application.

In order to take advantage of the error correction window and still be considered “on-time,” an application must meet several criteria as described in NOT-OD-10-088.

As always, applicants who experience problems with or the eRA Commons that threaten the timely submission of their application or the ability to obtain the tracking number and timestamp necessary to verify on-time submission should follow the directions and adhere to the policies outlined on the “Need Assistance?” page of the Applying Electronically Web site.