Last Call for A2 Applications


To increase the likelihood that a meritorious application will be funded earlier, NIH decided to reduce the number of resubmissions allowed from two to one as part of the Enhancing Peer Review initiative. Generally, if you submitted your new application for due dates before January 25, 2009, then you are allowed two resubmission attempts for that project (A1 and A2 applications). If you submitted for due dates after January 25, 2009, then you are allowed one resubmission attempt for that project (A1 application).

However, if you submitted an application under the continuous submission policy last year, figuring out whether you are eligible to submit an A2 application may be a little trickier. If you aren’t sure whether you can submit an A2 application or not, view the Status page of your eRA Commons account to determine the Council round to which your original application was assigned. Then follow this decision tree to determine your eligibility.

decision tree for determining A2 eligibility

If you are eligible to submit an A2 resubmission application for your project, the last opportunity to do so is approaching. Details on the final dates A2 applications will be accepted for your particular mechanism are available in Guide Notice NOT-OD-10-080, with the final A2 opportunity on January 7, 2011 for AIDS-related applications.