Your Efforts Provide Public Insight into Economic Impact of the Recovery Act


Recipients of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) awards from agencies across the Federal government have recently finished submitting their first quarterly reports to During this initial reporting period, more than 99% of NIH’s grants recipients submitted reports to Out of the more than 12,000 reports, 95% of these contained no significant errors, making NIH one of the leading agencies in the Federal government. These results are outstanding, and they reflect the hard work of both our extramural grantees and NIH staff. Thank you!

We have all played a role in this unique event in our history, providing unprecedented transparency into the use of these funds and helping to show the ground-breaking and innovative science that NIH-supported researchers are conducting. This collaborative effort by the NIH community demonstrates not only the importance of our research, but also the crucial role that scientific funding plays in contributing to the economic recovery of the nation. We look forward to seeing the number of individuals engaged in ARRA-supported research increase over the next reporting periods as projects get underway.

The public can view recipient reporting data at, and we have provided a preliminary summary of NIH funding data from fiscal year 2009 on the RePORT site at